Tint takes stage at Jamsteady on 3rd may

As Jamsteady continues bringing fresh music to Kolkata, Tint opened the act on Friday the
3rd May. Tint is a Christian rock band fused with elements of progressive rock and post hardcore.


Tint was formed by Monarch and Alex in the year of 2011. After a few line up changes they finally had Aniket as a vocalist and Johnny as a bassist. Influenced by the likes of The Mars Volta, At the Drive In, Circa Survive, Toe, Underoath, Futures and Saosin, they hit off with an instrumental titled Wildest of Alaska. Soon they played ‘Said and done’ which was the first composition they had recorded and it spoke of the cycle of isolation, beauty and sense of belonging with a rather pious over tone. As they describe their sound, the band maintains its focus on Christianity and personal struggles, which is why they came up with ‘Gently Violent’– a song which is about being a creep for a long time till the emotive expletives surface. They write about the weirdness of the things they see like ‘Hakimpet Airforce’ , written about a airbase in Hyderabad.

Surprises were in store as the band covered ‘Holiday’ (Green Day), ‘Pumped up Kicks’ (Foster the People) and ‘Wonderwall’ (Oasis). It was a fresh set with some neat tone works from Alex and Monarch played impressive syncopated patterns that had the crowd going. After their set Aniket said, “Jamsteady is probably the greatest initiative for the Kolkata indie music scene. Nishit is a great supporter of indie music.”

The band has plans to release their debut album by September this year and we wish them all the best.

Article written by Ananda Mitra

Photo Credits: Paparazzi Photography

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Written by Ananda Mitra


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