This Mumbai based band says- Democracy is a Lie.!! Find out Why…??

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The New Year commences with the much anticipated release of ‘For Hire’ by the Mumbai based Punk act ‘Punk on Toast’ on January 1st  2015. This, it seems like, has been work in-baking for over 5 years as they include a favourite, Democracy is a Lie , in this EP produced by Ashwin Shriyan (from Demonic Resurrection). With a firm anti-political vendetta, this EP is music that howls an echo of the common anarchy in man that is stifled by failing governments of the time. In a brief interview with front man Aditya Naik of Punk on Toast i.e. POT, he enunciated his agenda and future plans for the band.

Ananda: It’s all worthwhile when you have played your heart out on the stages for over 5 years and people eagerly anticipate the launch of For Hire now. How does it feel?
Aditya: It feels great to finally release something out. It was about time and we really wanted to release this long time back but couldn’t really do it because we of line up issues as the previous drummer was studying out of the city. But with Kalidas now in the band, it is great that we finally could do it.

Ananda: Walk me through the themes of the five songs on the EP?
Aditya: The songs on the ep are from early stage of the band. We started getting into the scene with these songs. The song talk about day to day experiences of living in an Indian society. They talk about how and what’s wrong with the city. They talk about growing up in an Indian family where the parents take all the decisions in a kid’s life. And above all, how India makes a joke of the term democracy and abuses it.

Ananda: Which is your personal favourite?
Aditya: My personal favourite would be the title song For Hire, because I think we really enjoy playing that song. It’s full on energy on stage. And the song is kind of our first hit. People really love it.

Ananda: How has the band gone through the songwriting process over the years?
Aditya: Over the years I have felt myself grow as a musician. I feel more comfortable with the guitar in my hand, plus we have already started working on our debut album and have worked on a lot of new songs since Kalidas joined the band. We are really looking forward to that.

Ananda: Looking back, what were the major breakthroughs of the band?
Aditya: I think the New Wave festival was great. The vibe over there was so pure and indie it was amazing. We discovered a lot of new bands and it was the first festival we played in, so it was great!

Ananda: What are the favourite hangouts of the band?
Aditya: Chrysolite Jam Room is the best place to hangout. It’s a small jam room, not very fancy, but the jam room we have been jamming at since the start. We love to hangout there.

Ananda: What were some of the best moments of the band that you remember?
Aditya: I cannot really point out one moment. There have been a lot really I think; the first road trip to Goa with the band was the like best thing ever. We played to a very neutral audience, no rocker kids, and they really seemed to have enjoyed the gig. That was great!

Ananda: Does Prathamesh Sandansing plan to rejoin the force or would it be Kunal Dole from here on?
Aditya: Prathamesh should be back my March. He is away to do a course in filmmaking so he would be coming back.

Ananda: Your artwork is radical and Prathamesh Sandansing did a great job. What is the subliminal hint?
Aditya: We are a very typical suburban Mumbai based band and I think the art really brings out the suburban nature of the band.

Ananda: Where will we find POT burning up the stage in 2015? Gig plans?
Aditya: We are working on a launch gig and news about that would be out soon. We are still working on the dates and venues so I cannot really speak about that now.

Ananda: Music video for the EP?
Aditya: Yes, but that will be after Prathamesh comes back. He has very valuable inputs when it comes to such things so we are waiting for him to return to India.

Ananda: Stand out acts from India?
Aditya: I am really listening to a lot of Skrat, love their energy and their material, Tripwire has been a huge influence on me since early days, love the Lightyears explode as well.

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