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This group of Youngsters decided to help the poor. What they did is simply astounding!! BE The Santa. BE the Change!

Sage Sweater collection

As the temperature is constantly dropping in Delhi. It’s so cold around already and it is not easy to survive. What about those people who cannot afford winter clothes to protect themselves from this harsh winter.

So these group of youngsters at Sage Productions decided to help the poor and they have organized a sweater collection drive to help homeless to survive in this harsh weather.  They are  helping them by giving warm clothes and blankets. You can also be part of it. You can also BE THE SANTA of the poor people,
All you need to do is call on +91-8800302102 or send a message, you can find the contact form at the end of this post .

Then People at sage will get in touch with you and will collect your donation. You can extend your hand to help these poor people by donating your old winter clothes or Blanket. Your small support will make this winter easier for the people who can’t even have the luxury of warm clothes.

“हमें सब कूड़ा बीनने वाला समझते हैं , भइया कोई कदर नहीं करता, ठंड में मंदिर पर या सड़क के दूसरी तरफ रह लेते हैं| यहीं सो लेते हैं| जो कुछ मिल जाता है खा लेते हैं | UP से हैं वैसे तो , लेकिन तक़दीर ने सड़क पर फेंक दिया “, गंगाराम ( इटावा )

In English: ” An Old Man, named Gangaram From Etawah, Uttar pradesh, who lives nearby footpath told that, people consider us as Waste Pickers and Manual Scavenger. Nobody cares for us. We need to survive in this cold weather and  sleep either in temple or at footpath. What ever we get to eat, we survive on that. Although, I belong to Uttar pradesh, but my destiny got my here on Footpath”

There are many such Gangaram are there, who are trying hard to survive in this cold weather. Raise your hands for help.

Moreover, It will surely bring a smile on your face when you are driving by and you see a child in your own sweater at some traffic light.  So, This winter lets Join the hands and #BetheSanta for the Poor people cause a little Help will matter a Lot. In case of any query, feel free to get in touch with people at sage at +918800302102, +919999898727  or write them an email.

According to Sanjay Tiwari, Founder and Director, Sage Productions,”आप अगर साथ हैं तो हम कुछ बेवजह मरती जिंदगियां बचा सकें |  इसके साथ ही अगर आप साथ आकर “वालंटियर” कर सकें, तो ढूँढिये अपने आस पास की जगह जहाँ जरुरत हो और हमें बताइए, जोड़ते हैं एक दूसरे को और इस सर्दी में कुछ करते हैं उन लोगों के लिए जिन्हें हमारी जरुरत है।”

In English: ” If you are with us, lets join our hands and do something for the people who need us in this winter. Moreover, If you’d like to volunteer us as well, Find one such place where poor people require warm clothes and we shall help those people together”

“Keep Calm and Carry On? No Thanks. I’d Rather Raise Hell and Change the World.”, says Reena Rai, Assistant Director, Sage Productions

So, these  are the endorsements by some people at Connaught place, Delhi.

Sage sweater collection
Sage Sweater collection

If you want to meet these people, or you have donation of clothes, you can find them at Indian Coffee House, Near Rivoli PVR, Connaught Place, Delhi,110001, everyday from 2 to 6 PM till 30th December.

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Some MoreEndorsements :

Pal Pal India NGO:

pal pal india NGO






Prayaas – Ek Koshish Foundation – NGO:

हिन्दी दैनिक राष्ट्रीय पहल समाचार पत्र

Source: Sage Productions

Official Events Page  –


 Get in Touch With People From Sage From this Contact Form: 

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These people asked blind kids, what they want on children’s day.. their answer… simply touching!!

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