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Grandmother..aaji..grandma..dadi..nanni..there are so many names to address our grandma.. She is that one person who matters a lot to me..since when I was a toddler I used to stay with my grandparents when my parents used to go to office..I have been so very used to her being around me..and now that thing is taking a toll on me..because now that she is gone forever, I miss her..I miss her presence..her touch..her feel..her talks..her smiling face..her handmade food..her beauty tips..I MISS EVERYTHING ABOUT HER.. cries

She passed away recently in september 2013 sigh I miss her a hell lot..feels so incomplete without her..I have many things in life to be happy about right now..but then her absence bothers me alot…

She was that one beautiful lady with a loving smile and long beautiful black hair, and trust me you wouldn’t even have recognized her real age..she used to look at least 10 years younger to what her actual age was..very down to earth and sweetheart she was.. she knew everything about modern day fashion..whosoever used to meet her, they instantly used to adore her because of her kind nature khushi ke aasu 😀

in happier and my aaji (grandma)

She was the world’s best cook I had ever known and seen..yummiest of yummy food she used to make mouth watering already (I miss eating food made by her) I can go on and on talking about her..she was, is, and always will be my bestest aaji ever! tears in eyes

Guys let me make you realize that grandparents are very special part of our life (especially when we are small) because we used to stay with them 24×7..they were always there to take care of us..feed with us when our parents were busy working in office..I have been very lucky to have my grandma in my life for a very long period of time..and she has helped me a lot in becoming a better person..I am not that great cook..My rotis’ are never circle in shape..and when I bake them, they always get kadak as khakra (papad type) giggles 😛 My grandma was the one who taught me how to make rotis’ perfectly (well I am still struggling to make proper rotis’) but ya now I can make better roti’s thanks to my dadi’s tips.. How I wish I could have got a last chance to say a goodbye to her properly..I miss you aaji..wherever you are stay happy..stay blessed..may your beautiful soul R.I.P. 🙂

Our grandmoms’ are really special women sent on earth to take care of us and give us the love and warmth just like a mother..they are the angels who are bestowed upon us by the almighty himself..

If any one of you still have your grandma with you, then please take care of her..respect her..keep her happy always..because when you were small she took care of you..took your nonsense and knowing how badly you used to screw things up still she never gave up too never give up on her.. 🙂 trying to control emotions

..Aaji I miss you! bursts into tears anyways duniya ka assool hai..whoever comes in this world has to go one day..god ji called her..she had to she went sigh :/

my grandma


All i want to say is just love your grandmaa and give her all the love you have and keep her happy 🙂 

P.S.– This was a little tribute to my late grandma..I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AAJI!  And I wish her beautiful soul rests in peace joins hands and prays 🙂

Let Me know in your Comments your memories related to your aaji…dadi…nani….grandma…grandmother.nani…..!!!


This is me RJ VEDZ signing off for the day..ciao later 🙂 😉

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