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Okay so this is second day of my office where I started to work..just done with my final year exams last week..and I just took 4 days off as vacation and then I started to I will be working with this firm for 2-3months and along with that I will work for a some events on short I wont be getting 1 single day off for rest..but can’t help it..i need to earn a lot of cash and that is why I have to work double..all thanks to my dad’s policy of WORKING YOUR AS* OFF AND BUYING YOUR OWN VEHICLE..  sigh I want to buy a two wheeler and that is why im working so much..otherwise this 10-7pm job isn’t on my wish




Once I get my two wheeler I will rest aaram se yayy Such a hectic life I many things I have to do..get up early in the morning around 8.30 (my usual time to get up in normal circumstances is now you can easily guess how tough it is for me to actually get up so early) and then travel by the one and only super crowded Mumbai local trains to my work place and then sit at the work place till 6pm and make calls to the artist, check scripts, rate them..uhh! boring it is yawns and tiring too..and then again leave for home and walk till the rickshaw stand and then go railway station and get in the super crowded local trains and get home..go home tired..half a little timepass n doze off to time for time to roam out..


This all is so new to me..i never had imagined that once im done with my final exams I would be starting to work this quick and at this fast pace where in I won’t be getting rest even for a day..on weekends I will be doing events for like 8hours a would be again so tiresome..the only thing that is going to keep me going on is my two wheeler for who I am longing since last few months..damn! tere liye kya kya karna padd raha hai mereko mr. 2 wheeler ji :/ :p



And then again I am simultaneously on dieting..have to lose weight feeling determined and I am sure these 2-3 months of my life are going to change me for the good..i will be a proud owner of a vehicle and then I will get a tattoo done and also will get a lot of exposure and experience of working in a firm and some extra pocket money..umm well never mind I won’t be getting the “extra” pocket money as I will invest all that money for my vehicle facepalm


All my friends are sitiing at home and still trying to actually make themselves feel like a graduate and enjoying their vacations and here I am working cries but still its ok I am doing this on my own its ok  sigh


I will try to act determined now..thats the only thing that will help me achieve my goals..afterall there are no shortcuts to achieve somethings..if I want a two wheeler I will have to work hard..only then I can brag infront of my people as to how I got my vehicle own my own..hehe :p



I am so much bored..just wanna go to sleep yawns that’s it for the day guys..i need to go now and start working..i am at office sigh so this is me Rj Vedz signing off for the day..ciao fellas! And yes do let me know if you are working/have worked for buying something which you desire/ed? And did you achieve it? And also how was your experience at workin in the office for first time..share it in the comments below..ciao for now 😉

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