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Hello me, RJ VEDZ! happy grin 😀

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Well I’m very new to this blogging and stuff! hahaha I don’t know where should I start from? Now its 2.47 am and I’m writing this blog and the next thing I am thinking is that “boss kal band bajjne wali hai” because I have to go to office in the morning at 12 noon..well I’m working at a  film production company as an intern..and i’m that kind of person who will go to sleep in the wee hours and get up around 3pm :p But thankz to my office I freaking have to get up at 10.30 zalim duniya.. sigh

I started with this internship thing a few days ago and it will go on till end of March..there is an upcoming award function for “women achievers” so working for that event..and the best part is many big celebs will be a part of this event..Priyanka Chopra, Neetu Kapoor, Nita Ambani, Deepika Padukone, etc. super excited to be a part of this event.. 😀

Boss majja aajayega yaar! And thank god for small mercies that these guys are paying us for working our as off! phew And to top all these things is mr. exams which will come on 15th of April..YES! My Final Year university exams! oh god why :/ Really bored of giving exams..well anyways who isn’t bored with 😛 And I have absolutely no idea about how will I manage studying and this internship..caught in a soup bangs head against the wall* -_-


poster rj vedz


Oh well i forgot to introduce myself to you guys..hehe 😛  This is me Vedangee a.k.a.  RJ Vedz.. I work with Firemud Radio station as a RJ (obviously 😛 ) My show comes every Tuesday and Thursday at 8 PM IST (don’t forget to tune in)



  😉 I am a very talkative person..I love doing masti and hanging out with my friends.. i love talking   (obviously) 😛 writing songs..short stories (and now blogging) winks

Well I have no idea as to what will I write in my blog..but one thing is for sure you will get to know me up close and personally..and know many things about me..and whats going on in my life and the world around me..i’m free to bith, talk, gossip about anything I want 😛 and you guys can give your opinions/ comments on that in the comments section below.. 😉 and ya fuk the world..just care about yourself..respect yourself..and then jhakmaarke the world will care for you and respect you..well here’s me RJ Vedz signing off for the day..ciao later fellas 😉 <3


My Show’s Name: Youngistan Cafe’


About My Show: This show is for all the people in their teenage up to the people in their mid 20’s.. I cover the chapters of YOUNG ADULTHOOD Every Tuesday and Thursday 8PM IST onwards <3

Only on FireMud FM – Let There be Music….!!!


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Written by Rj Vedz

Well Hello Fellas..!! dis is me Vedangee a.k.a. RJ Vedz!
I work with Firemud FM as a RJ.. ;) ^_^

I'm very much talkative and mastikhor.. I wish you guys like my blog and stayed tuned to it :D

Timing-->> Every Tuesday and Thursday 8-9pm IST
Link to hear My Show-->>
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Guys here is my Official Facebook Page--->>

and my Official Facebook profile--->>


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