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Love sure is the best feeling in the makes you feel butterflies in your stomach..makes you go crazy over that one special person..makes you think about them 24× always feel like spending your time with that special person..your world starts to revolve around him/ her..its a very beautiful feeling..agreed! But not all things that look great from a farther view are actually great when you see them from a closer view..meaning- it feels great to be in love..but not all people are good and not all people deserve being loved.. true that! right?



Not all love stories have a happy today i will share with you guys a few experiences which my friends told me about their relationships..this girl Amrita had a bad experience..she was dating this guy Amit for almost 7 months when she got to know his dark side..he wasn’t actually loyal to her..he was very much double dating here with none other than his ex- girlfriend Reeta..Amrita had trusted her bf..but umm well..he CHEATED! uhh she got a shock of her life and since then she hasn’t really dated anyone serious..she in fact got out of hand because of him..she started with drinks, smoking and doing timepass with other kissing/making out with them randomly..

And then this lady Neha..her bf was a complete scoundrel..all he wanted was sex and drugs..never really into love or something..i didn’t know this girl personally nor her bf, but she was my friend’s friend that’s how i know about her story..she was such a poor thing..i pity her i swear! Her story? umm well i don’t really wish to tell this on a public platform.. sigh

Ritika was a sweet looking girl but was actually a bit*h..but then too she was in love with her guy..well he wasn’t..he was just using her for her money as she was the “bade baap ki aaulad”..damn! can someone just kill such kind of guys? What was her mistake? she was a bade baap ki aaulad? So? Does that means she can’t expect true love in her life? 🙁

P.S.- names changed on request!

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Mistakes happens! But doesn’t means you have to sit and cry for that person who did bad to you or plead and beg infront of him to get back to you..girl, just get up..wipe off your tears and gather the broken pieces of your heart..hold your nose upright and put a smile on your face..and start walking to see a brighter phase of your life..remember! whatever mistakes happened, that was just a bad phase of your life..your life doesn’t ends there..infact it starts from there! Falling for a wrong guy can happen..because SHIT HAPPENS! so its ok.. kick that person’s a*s and move on girl! because you know what you deserve much better! 😉

I would like to take this as an opportunity to tell you all girls that if your relationship isn’t working on a good note better you start investigating on your guy..and if your relationship just ended then please don’t take it as your loss..but as the loss of that guy who just lost a wonderful and loving gf.. happy grin stay happy..stay yourself and then expect someone to love you.. 😉

And yes! there is some guy out there waiting for you.. Your perfect prince is out on a lookout for you..go get him..or else you only start finding him because he might have lost his way..hehe 😛

That’s All for today.!! Let me know in comments, What’s your view on it?
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