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Monarch Banerjee – Sands of Time – Music Video Release

Monarch Banerjee is an Independent artist from Calcutta, India. He has recently come up with a tune called “Sands of time” and released his official Music Video. The video is shot by a GoPro Action Camera at Henry Island, West Bengal.

Credits: Monarch banarjee
Video edit : Monarch banerjee
Sound Production : Sayan Sengupta
Recorded at Skythief studio
Camera: GoPro Action Camera
Location: Henry Island, West Bengal

About Monarch Banarjee-

Monarch BanerjeeMonarch Banarjee is a musician from India who is a singer-songwriter, drummer and a mutlti-instrumentalist composer. Born in Calcutta and brought up in various parts of India. He has been into music since fourth grade at school. He is also a part of the bands like Tint and Jeepers Creepers 
from India and also he have he have teamed up with several artists from all over the globe over the internet. Artists like Zach Hill, The Mars Volta, King Crimson, Stevie       Wonder, Thomas Pridgen, Sam Smith and several others are 
his inspiration.
Find Him on:  Facebook and Youtube

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Written by Vineet Talwar

Co-Founder, Promotional Lead, Artists Relations - FireMud FM.........
Editor-in-chief - Sneakbeat By FireMudFM

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