Manipulation: An Interview with FireMud FM

Manipulation is a Polish metal band formed on 11 September 2001, with the first concert played in 2003. When they started playing together, they were very young, aged 15, 16 and 17 years. Over the last decade they have played at many concerts and festivals. Our Teammate Anvita, recently got a chance to have a brief conversation with the metal band Manipulation, from Poland.

Anvita: Tell us something about Manipulation? Where did you grow up and who were your
influences while you were growing up? Where did you go to school at?
Manipulation: Our band is for us our life, we do this from the youngest years, we are not a seasonal musicians which played guitar or something few years and don’t see any money from this etc. have enough of this and stop playing and quit a band. We don’t look at trends, we do what we want. We make Manipulation more than 15 years already and we hope it will never change! We know and feel that we make something huge and Manipulationimportant!

Anvita:  Tell us a little about your childhood days what were they like?
Manipulation: It was beautiful time. I grew up in a typical Polish family. You know I lived in a block flats where was 80 more flats with my neighbors. In the past was different times, when kids spend most of free time outside home between blocks of flats, play football, fight with  each other or just making mess around. Not like today sitting before computer or smart phones at home. It was really nice when everybody could find each other without phone, computer or facebook messenger. Fans, publishers etc. were sent a letters by post office to each other withstickers, zine’s some layers of underground bands, it was a magical time.

Anvita: Where did you grow up and what were your influence  to begin this band?
Manipulation: When I was little kid in my home was a lot of parties (you know my parents, uncles, some friends of family).To my luck that my father listens to good rock music and in every party was music like this. He show me bands like Europe, AC/DC, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabath, Deep Purple etc. So first influences I have taken from my family home. You know when you like that kind of music you meet some peoples with a similar taste of music. They show you some more bands etc. It was like this in the beginning … it is to long story for one interview …

Anvita: Where did you complete your schooling at?
Manipulation: I went to basic school in Goldap my family town.

manipulation bandAnvita: When did you think of taking up music seriously? Who were your major influences back in those days?
Manipulation: You know it was natural for us . We just played music at some concerts as teenagers and we don’t think about future. We just do our best. We were kids when we start playing metal. It all was spontaneous like our destiny. We like to play metal and made some blasphemy .
Always music what we wanted to compose was metal, and it will never change. 4 out of 5 band members are from the Beginning (2001) this show that everyone us treat music playing seriously – it is our passion. Most serious moments starts when we released album Passion in 2012 – from that time we started to take music more seriously,  start to bought better back-line, guitars and all stuff which is necessary to play music in a professional level.
 Influences for us are of course polish metal bands which make a career around the world like Behemoth, Vader and now Decapitated. This guys show for us and many other bands from Poland that work hard and you yourself can bring success. If You love what You do and You are natural with that, what You do peoples will feel that.

ManipulationAnvita:  How did The Manipulation come into existence? Tell us, how was your band formed?
Manipulation: Our history is simple, we come from little town Goldap where is 13000 inhabitants. So we know each other and it was easy to see who like metal music and who have ambitions to play music. We met a certain day and planned to start a band and that is it. It was clear, I don’t know how to say that but It was like our destiny.

Anvita: Who are some of the authors/poets/musicians that have influenced your band collectively this far?
Manipulation: As I said before when I was young I used to listen to a lot of AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Deep Purple, Black Sabath – because my father loved to listen to that kind of music. When I started looking for some more bands I discovered Metallica, after that Slayer, Sepultura and that kind of metal music showed me the way. It was for me a masterclass of speed in Jmusic. I wanted do the same!


Anvita: What were some of the best moments of the band that you remember? Which has been your favorite gig that you have played so far?
Manipulation: Yes of course, but there are so many of them. At this time I have a lot of good moments in my heart. I cannot choose any one of it.

Anvita: Who was your strength pillar in your hard times? Which Track of yours is close to your heart and why?
Manipulation: You know, problems are always sprouting,  like mushrooms after the rain. So you must be strong and smart and ready even for everything. Of course sometimes everybody has a hard times but this is normal. When You really love what you do you will keep it and continue and deal with any hard times. About track is hard to say because it is always changing for me, sometimes I like one, different day another one. Few of my favorite songs of Manipulation are for sure: Blindness, Infinite Anguish, Sunset Over Vatican, Sic Itur Ad Astra, Lifetime (hahahaha but seriously I like every song of Manipulation!!!!!)
Manipulation . net
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Anvita: Where will we find your band burning the stage up in 2016? Gig plans?
Manipulation- In 2016 we will play for sure some local concerts in Poland. 18.06 we will play in Austria in Vienna. We sign also a signing a contract with Ripping Family Booking an
d Promotion and they make for us west European tour from 17 to 27 November – now we don’t know the details but soon everything will be known. If you are interesting about details like and follow our fanpage– there we post every news about Manipulation.

Anvita: What does the future hold for your fans?
Manipulation- We have a big plans for the future, but is too early to speak about that. Follow us and in good time You will know.
Best Regards from Manipulation!
Stay Manipulated metal maniacs!

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