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Tired already…its 2.20pm and I’m sitting on my work desk as I have been asked to find information about some women entrepreneurs and social workers..on Google since last 2 hours and bored already sigh laggta hai iss baachi ki jaan leke hi rahenge ye log cries :/

My friend hasn’t turned up in the office yet so all the work load is on my shoulders cries lazy a*s she is..always hops in late to the head instructor

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isn’t around me, so I just thought of keeping the boring work aside for a while and write my blog for a while.. (Ahh! I’m already in love with this blog writing thing) 😀

Looks like my friend made a fool out of me..on Saturday I didn’t go office as I wasn’t keeping well and the next thing I see on my WhatsApp is she messaging  me “why didn’t come office today..a hot guy came here in our office..he is super cute too..and he is the new intern here..what a  great body he has!”  And I was like “oh damn! My bad..should have come to office”.

I came office today all prepared..did my hair well, put on some kajal, checked well in the mirror twice before leaving home and once again while entering office..i was like “ahh! Who’s this guy she was talking about..dekhna toh padega boss!” And den phuss there was no hot guy I could see around in the office..same old faces who are way older to me..hahaha it wasn’t like I wanted to date this ‘hot /cute’ guy..but then ya I wanted to see him..its been long time I have seen some smoking hot guys..and as per she mentioned I thought he really must be a hot stud!  sigh


Image Courtesy: Business News Daily

Now I’m just waiting for her to come to office..i will explode like a bomb on her..damn! how dare she give me false hopes looks down in dismay she is so dead..i swear  😛

Oh god! I’m so bored of working..I need to have a small power nap! yawns and and the worst part now is- the hotness in the atmosphere is not because of any hot guy..but because of A/C not working properly sigh I mean “oh god! Why me?” It’s so hot here :/

Me: Tied up my hair in a bun, put on my specs, had a sip of water, looked here and there, checked my cell phone, took a deep breath.. aaa haa! Now I’m all prepared to start on my work now..or else if my head instructor finds out what i’m doing under the pretext of working..she will cut me into pieces and feed them to the dogs down our office building (oops! Thoda zyda hogaya 😛 haha) but still now I have to resume the work..catch with you guys you all :* 😀


This is me RJ Vedz signing off for the day..ciao! 😉

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