From Kolkata to Kuala Lumpur- The journey of a singer songwriter

The beginning this year was pretty exciting for the Kolkata based singer songwriter ‘tHe soHam‘. In march he did his very first international tour to Singapore, performed 3 shows there & received over whelming feedback from the audience.


Soham Bhattacharya who consider himself a gypsy or someone who loves to travel; recently got back from another successful international tour. In August he went to Malaysia for his second international tour. “After Singapore my next target was Malaysia; I’ve heard great reviews about the music scene there.” said by the musician. In a short span of 7 days he visited Kuala Lumpur and performed two shows in the city. unnamed-2
Both of the shows set list were filled with singer songwriter’s original songs. “Kuala Lumpur has got number of fantastic venues where they have huge respect for original music.” told by the 26 years old singer songwriter. While flying to Kuala Lumpur from Kolkata he was not sure about the audience’s reaction; but after completing two of his shows there his view got completely changed. Soham informed us -‘I’ve met a large number of talented artist over there with whom I’ve plans to work in future.’ He got lucky enough to be featured on a online web channel called “Easy Busy TV”. The team of easy busy tv shot 2 of his original song & an exclusive interview; which will be airing around November. The singer songwriter got some great reviews from the organizers for his shows. He planning to come back end of this year to promote his upcoming EP.


Catch Soham’s Live videos :

You can Find tHe soHam on FireMud FM, Facebook and Youtube. You can Also checkout his Official Blog.

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Written by Ashutosh Gaur

Mr. Co-Founder, Creative Head, BDM, Pumping Vessel Of FireMud FM, Writer, Lyricist, Vocalist at Distortion Of Mischief


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