Kick Up the Jams: Kolkata lights on Friday night

It was one of a kind night at the Princeton Club (Kolkata) on the eve of 26th April, where four amazing Indie acts came together on a single evening giving the people a night to remember. The event was hosted by Smoke Inc. at their Friday night Gig, Jamsteady. Smoke Inc. has contributed significantly to the underground music scene in Kolkata and now well into their sixth month, the Jamsteady gigs have seen a rising popularity that has, to say the least, gone viral.

The event kicked off with Freshword, an acoustic/indie/folk duo with members Atandra Charaborty and Shourya Sinha.  If you want their music to be described, here is how Shourya would put it across, “We try to use both the acoustics (guitar) in a different way and search for weird combination of chords to make it sound as fresh as possible” .
They started their set with “Smack on the face” and had the crowd warmed up to “Confession Meadow”. “Teaser Pleaser” was a drift from their usual sound with elements of jazz pop inculcated and ‘Judgment’ had them playing a progressive persona. The crowd loved their John Mayer cover of “Clarity”.

Next up was the acoustic duo of Nicholas Rixon and Subhodip Bannerjee, from the band Ifs and Buts, who held stage for the next phase treating their audience to a dose of indie pop rock. These guys were a treat to the evening crowd who jived to their peppy numbers. Also came the time when their much anticipated debut music video, “The Tourist” was finally launched at the event. It wowed the crowd and the evening was already a huge hit with the present unraveling so far.

Now who wouldn’t want to dance when the beer sale was maddening? Enter- Write in Stereo, a quartet comprising of Debangshu Roy, Soutrik Chakroborty, Dhruv Sarker and Debo Singha, with their most original brand of indie/dance pop. Inspired by the likes of Foals, Daft Punk and The Whitest Boy Alive they pumped up the crowd to a frenzy. Their music was energetic, effusive and electric! How energetic was it? Well, I think the pedal went right through the bass drum and the crowd loved it! Dhruv drank to it. They played a set of 4 compositions ending with “TokyoKyoto”, a composition influenced by their love for anime, space and sci-fi. Since their former formation which used to be known as Turf broke up, this was the first time in a year that these guys were back in action. Jolly well they are.

More beers corked open, and a buzz ensued, curtain call for the final act for the night, Jeepers Creepers, a post punk/pop punk quartet comprising of members Ananda Mitra( yours truly), Rishi Dutta, Sourav Ghosh and Souvik Bhattacharya. We shifted gears with our over driven riffs and Sourav relapsed into his mad frenzy over the drums, along with Souvik grooving it up on the bass and Rishi unveiling his signature tone works. The crowd was all riled up as we kicked off with “Taxi Ride” and followed suit with “Rubik’s Cube”, a song scheduled to be released in our next EP. Also on the set was “She digs a Whipper Snapper” from our last EP that has since become the crowd favourite. The crowd sang along with our cover of an Arctic Monkey number, “Fake tales of San Francisco”.
We coursed through with another original post punk number, “Big Cheese”, a song that satirizes the short comings of the present pop generation, and brought it all to a gala end with our rendition of a Beatles cover, “I am The Walrus”.  With Rishi’s Big Muff howling on the monitors, the crowd applauded the scenic showcase.

As people headed back to the parking lot the clock was itching to strike midnight. Thus began the anticipation for the next Indie Fest at Jamsteady.

Everyone who was there had their money worth. It’s a great initiative taken by Nishit Arora and Saptarshi Bhattacharya( Sammy) and is definitely an event to appease the music loving community of Kolkata. Could we expect an encore then? We sure do hope so.

Jamsteady was recently hosted in Delhi at Downstairs at Zo and was a remarkable success there too.  Hopes are high as the newly formed Christian Rock band, Tint, takes the stage next week along with the Paradigmshift. Watch this space for more.

Which bands from Kolkata do you think has what it takes to make it big? Write to us.


Credits: Article And Event Cover By Ananda Mitra

Photo courtesy: Vargab Dasgupta

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Written by Ananda Mitra


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