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If you don’t like the music or genre, it doesn’t make the musician bad. One doesn’t need to go out there and support, but a little respect can go a long way.
Our Co-Founder and Creative Head, Ashutosh Gaur, recently had a chance to exchange words with Los Angeles based Indian acoustic guitarist, singer, songwriter, composer, entrepreneur, and teacher, Janvi Anand. In a brief interview with Janvi Anand, she enunciated her agenda and future plans for her music.

Ashutosh: When did you discover your love for music? For playing of course 🙂
I got a keyboard as a gift on my 2nd or 3rd birthday and I instantly fell in love with it. I kept playing the keyboard for years by ear, just listening to melodies and trying to play like the song. At the age of 13, I picked up the guitar. My parents always encouraged me, but thought it was just a hobby and enrolled me for lessons over vacations. But somewhere deep down I always knew it was my calling.Janvi Anand

Ashutosh: When did you officially get into music?
My official training started at the age of 13, but I was a victim of commercialized music schools. Not that I did not learn anything during that period but my actual training started when I started learning drums at the age of 18. I took a few piano lessons after that and officially started my “proper” training in guitar in 2012.


Ashutosh: Where all have you performed till now? What response do you usually get from people after your performances?
I haven’t played a lot of gigs in India. Apart from the numerous inter and intra school and college competitions highlights of my music career in India were playing at Blue Frog, New Delhi; Soi 7 , Gurgaon, Haryana; Cocktails and Dreams, Speakeasy, Gurgaon, Haryana; Rock-a-Fella, New Delhi and Manajsa, New Delhi.
After coming to Los Angeles in the short span of 8 months of giging I have played at legendary venues like Whisky a go go, Hard Rock Café, Molly Malone’s, and few local venues like Bar 20, Bar Lubitsch, State Social House, to name a few.

The turnout and response has been great. Our fans and friends are like family to us. They have always been super Janvi Anand triosupportive.
I used to be really shy when I was performing back in Delhi, but now when people come up and say they loved my music and the performance, it is a real boost.

Ashutosh: Which is your favorite location where you have performed earlier and why?

Janvi: Out of all the places I have performed so far I think the best ambience and sound was of Whisky a Go Go. I would love to play there in future. In terms of vibe I think playing at Molly Malone’s was really a fun experience for me and the band.


Ashutosh: Which famous musician/artist/band do you usually take inspiration from?
I take inspiration from everything I like to listen to. If I am hearing a song more than twice, there is definitely something I am going to take with me from it. I am more inclined towards listening to singer songwriters like Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, Damien Rice, Ben Howard, Ray Lamontagne, amongst many others. As far as bands go, I listen a lot to Maroon 5, Dave Matthews Band, Coldplay.

Inside these pages
Inside these pages

Ashutosh: What was the turning point in your life in this field?

Janvi: Forming a band. For the last few years I was very adamant on playing as a solo artist. There were many reasons adding to that decision. Once I started school at Musicians Institute, I started playing with a few musicians but I still wanted to continue playing as a solo artist and started working on the same path.

The way we formed the band was very random. We met on 20th June, 2015. It took me 2 days to even know their names, but by 25th we were a band and 9th July, 2015 we played our first gig. There has been no looking back ever since. Alex’s are my pillars I know I can rely on.


Ashutosh: People don’t usually go with something that’s new. What is your thought and have you ever felt the same?
Adjusting or accepting change is always difficult. It depends on every individual how quickly and how well do they accept it. It definitely shocks me or startles me depending upon the intensity of the change, but till date think I have faired well with changes. I am growing with age trying to keep myself calm through such situations. I will eventually get through.


Ashutosh: Do you write your own songs? What are the songs generally about?
I have always considered myself a guitarist first, than a singer or a songwriter. I have now started working on all aspects equally but when I started writing music I was more into making a chord progression or a riff or a melody line. My friend Ainesh Mujoo wrote lyrics of the first few songs I composed.
But coming from a mindset of being a one-woman band I wanted to do everything myself, hence I started writing as well. Of the 6 songs in my début EP “Inside These Pages” I have written 3 of them. Ainesh wrote the other 3.
Currently I am working on material for the next album and on an EDM project with Anthony Arocho. Lyrics for 90% of the songs for both these projects are written by me.
I am a very emotional person, hence most of my songs revolve around emotions. I try to tell a story with a song using a lot of imagery.

Janvi AnandAshutosh:
Tell us one thing which you feel that sets you apart from various upcoming artists in the country.
To be honest I hate comparing myself to any artist inside or outside the country. Every artist has his/her own style of working and creating magic with music.
I would like to rephrase the question as what I think is my music about.

“RAW” – That’s how I define my music. I love to play all my songs using the acoustic guitar. The lyrics are straight and direct. Even though we are a trio you won’t miss the power of a full band. Give a chance and listen to my music, I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

Ashutosh: If there was one thing you would want to be or do apart from music, what would it be?
I don’t really see myself doing something else. But hypothetically speaking, maybe into sports or an entrepreneur.

Ashutosh: Since everyone is a start-up once, can you give any smaller or local artists looking to get gigs and airplay some tips?
Irrespective of whether someone is starting up or is established, I think, there are  a few things for all of us to remember.
1. If you don’t like the music or genre, it doesn’t make the musician bad. One doesn’t need to go out there and support but a little respect can go a long way.
2. Music connects people and competition with fellow musicians is just making us look so small as musicians and human beings. Show some love and support for the art and not just your friends.

Reason for me saying those points is people see your passion, your skills and your networking to survive in this industry. So support others and they will support you.
Rest of course NEVER stop practicing or learning something new.

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