Interview: Ifs and Buts- Music Video Release “Tourist” + Behind The Scenes

Today we have, Ifs and Buts, an acoustic duo with Subhodip Banarjee and Nicholas Rixon. The former comes up with guitar melodies that are one of a kind and out of the blue and the latter tries to keep up with lyrics that will make you stop. It gives FireMud FM great pleasure to announce the official release of its featured band If and But’s debut music video The Tourist. Our team member Vineet had a talk with the members of this band about the video. So here it is…..


Vineet – What was your inspiration behind making a video of this sort?
Ifs and Buts – The song has a simple story behind it about a place that is haunted by a dead girl. The idea may have come from a Stephen King book i(Nicholas) was reading, or maybe not.
Vineet – Did you have any concept in mind while shooting this video?
Ifs and Buts – We didn’t have anything planned for the video. We just knew that we were going to shoot at night. The folks at Notsoabsolute Films came up with most of the other elements for the video.
Vineet- What is you band member’s perspective behind this video?
Ifs and Buts –

According to everyone in our group, they have to say the same thing more or less which is we wanted to show a very random video with couple of things in mind like we’ll be roaming the streets of Cal at night and keep the mood of the video a bit different as in not following what the song has to say, as in the video at contrast with the exact theme of the song which in our opinion makes it interesting
Vineet – Who all were a part of this Video shoot?
Ifs and Buts – Well, there was Gairik and Rohini; The two lovely people behind Notsoabsolute who were very patient with us. And of course, Yudhajit who helped us out with everything else! We’re really happy with the way the video turned out. Its already notched over 2400+ hits, so we’re enjoying the attention its getting.

Vineet –
At Last,  Credits?
Ifs and Buts –
1) Ifs and Buts is-
Subhodip Banerjee – Guitars/Backing Vocals/Harmonica
Nicholas Rixon – Vocals/Guitar/Percussion
2) Video Shot and Directed by Gairk Sarkar and Rohini Ghosh from Notsoabsolute Films
3) Audio Recorded/Mixed and Mastered by Neel Adhikari
4) Special thanks to Yudhajit for Everything
Release Date: 26th April, 2013
Release Location: Princeton Club, Kolkata
Event, where the music video released: Friday night, Jamsteady gig By Smoke Inc.

Stills of the music video:

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Behind The Scenes:
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