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  • Blinding Sunrise



    Blinding Sunrise: An Interview With FireMud FM

    Blinding Sunrise is a Metalcore band from¬†Vittoria (Ragusa, Italy). The band, which was on its beginning just a way to fill up some boring moments, was formed by Francesca Ereddia (Vocals), Mattia Giuffrida (Vocals), Matteo Lorefice (Guitar), Onofrio Butera (Bass), Giuseppe Sanzone (Guitar) and Valerio Macca (Drums). Luckily, Our Co-Founder, Vineet Talwar has got a […] More

  • Manipulation

    Manipulation: An Interview with FireMud FM

    Manipulation is a Polish metal band formed on 11 September 2001, with the first concert played in 2003. When they started playing together, they were very young, aged 15, 16 and 17 years. Over the last decade they have played at many concerts and festivals. Our Teammate Anvita, recently got a chance to have a […] More