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    Cigrate !

    Haan , ME wahi hu… jisne Ek Cigrate kahreedi thi .. firr usko jalaya tha ,, dil ko apne samjhya tha chaar bade bade kash bhare the ,, firr sanso k beech me usi cigrate ko uatara tha pahli baar ye ehsaas hua tha , ki .. me hi hu jo pita hai ,, jeeta […] More

  • Love Doesn't Hurt

    When Some Right Girls Fall for the Wrong Guys.. -RJ Vedz

    Love sure is the best feeling in the makes you feel butterflies in your stomach..makes you go crazy over that one special person..makes you think about them 24× always feel like spending your time with that special person..your world starts to revolve around him/ her..its a very beautiful feeling..agreed! But not all things that […] More