Here’s why gender discrimination is still prevailing in India ! TIME TO SPEAK UP!

It is common for the men to eat the most and the best, leaving the women and children to eat the last and the least. Unequal level of nutrition between men and women is a worldwide problem. Women hold together our
families, our communities, our societies. What could be more right, more just than for us to create a world in which women don’t eat last? Why such gender discrimination ?

According to WHO, Iron inadequacy is the most widely recognized and widespread nutritional disorder in the world. And in addition influencing a substantial number of kids and ladies in developing nations, it is the only nutrient deficiency which is also significantly prevalent in Industrialized Countries. The numbers are stunning: 2 billion individuals – more than 30% of the world’s populace – are anaemic, many due to iron deficiency.

To raise the concern of gender discrimination in family over food, Sage Productions came with an awesome short Joothan - Leftovers film on gender discriminationfilm, entitled “Joothan – Leftovers” which will blow your find for sure. Have a look and let us know in comments how you find it.

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Sage Productions:  Sage Production is a short film production agency based in New Delhi, India
Check them out on Facebook From Here.

Over to you ?

What do you think about the issue raised by the short film? Let us know your views in comments….

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