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So, Our Co-Founder and Creative Head, Ashutosh Gaur, recently had a chance to exchange words with Reno, Nevada based Indian Composer, Music Producer and Mixing Engineer Darrel Mascarenhas.

He is graduated from Full Sail University, Florida in Bachelors of Recording Arts Degree with Student of The Year 2014, and salutatorian.  His instrumental compositions have appeared on several Indian networks, including Sony, Cartoon Network, MTV, and more. He enunciated his agenda and plans for music.

Ashutosh: When did you discover your love for music? For playing of course ?Darrel Mascarenhas
Darrel: When I was 4 years old, My mom got me a Keyboard, Having no Internet, Computer or TV at home, There was no entertainment than figuring out what this thing does and I started playing on my own. Till date, I have never had a professional lesson in music.

Ashutosh: When did you officially get into music?
Darrel: Just like Keyboard, There used to be an Old Drum kit in the basement of a chapel all dusted, I used to go there and learn drums by myself, And my band mate Joel spotted me there and asked me to be a part of his band as a drummer. At the age of 13, I started playing for a professional band.

Ashutosh: Where all have you performed till now? What response do you usually get from people after your performances?
Darrel: I have performed as a Vocalist in Chicago, Dubai & Kuwait. The response was outstanding, after that I was spotted as a vocalist and started concentrating on Vocals a little more. Other than that, I performed as a Drummer in Muscat, Mumbai, Bangalore and major cities across India. Our band won the best World Cup theme song (Money Gram Cricket contest) in Asia (Bands from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan has participated).

Ashutosh: Which is your favorite place where you have performed earlier and why?
Darrel: My favorite place is Mangalore. Its our hometown and we get great responses over there since we have many fan followings there and we get the vibe of the crowd and we play what they want and they enjoy it. And the chill we get while they cheer is beyond amazing.

Darrel Mascarenhas in Recording Sessions
Ashutosh: Which famous musician/artist/band do you usually take inspiration from?
Darrel: At the moment, I work as a freelancer and I get projects for all the genres, I don’t follow neither am I a fan of any artists. I listen to a variety of music so that, when I get to produce in any genre, I should be able to, and I shouldn’t limit myself.

Ashutosh: What was the turning point in your life in this field?
Darrel: As an artist, I have had a lot of turning points. To name one I would say “Leaving India” when I was already established a little and had a dozen of projects in hand, but I decided to go to USA and study Sound Engineering in 2013. And started my career from scratch.


Ashutosh: People don’t usually go with something that’s new. What is your thought and have you ever felt the same?
Darrel: I don’t think so, If we do something new and good, people will like it. There are so many people who find music these days monotonous and they want some change. So it is up to the artist to provide them good quality music and make them fall in new style.

Ashutosh: Do you write your own songs? What are the songs generally about?Darrel Mascarenhas
Darrel: I just compose tunes, I don’t write lyrics since I know hindi just to communicate well, I’m scared that I may make grammar mistakes or any mistakes when it comes to writing lyrics. I have written one song called “Maanlo Piya” (Classical Song). Which had lyrics in simple hindi and was appreciated by people. After that I only write short lines or rap for remixes or covers.

Ashutosh: Tell us one thing which you feel that sets you apart from various upcoming artists in the country?
Darrel: I respect every upcoming musician. It’s amazing how everyone are trying to be something and dedicate their time and efforts. Since I’m in the same place, I don’t compare myself to them, rather I try collaborate with artists as much as I can. Everyone are something today because they are different from each other. I don’t know if I can answer this question. But, I will leave it up to the audience and let them answer this question.

Ashutosh: If there was one thing you would want to be or do apart from music, what would it be?
Darrel: Bollywood always has new music directors for every movies. I would love to be a Music Supervisor where I can put the existing rock music and decide what music goes where. Just like some Hollywood movies, how they use existing stock music. Imagine a Mother Jane track or Indian Ocean tracks on movies. If its placed right, it will be nostalgic or something new that Bollywood has never seen.

Darrel Mascarenhas
Ashutosh: Since everyone is a start-up once, can you give any smaller or local artists looking to get gigs and airplay some tips?
Darrel: First of all, Make a plan, make a schedule, ask yourself what you want to be. Looking to go something big then you need some money to invest if you don’t have decent audience. Talk to a promoter, get a manager, put in some money on investing what you want, Internet marketing may be? If you have someone taking care of it, may be a friend if you cant afford to pay someone, who can manage the business side and you can concentrate only on business. This goes a long way, as an artist, just focus on music and forget the business side. Be a part of it but don’t be the only part of it. Going to a record label is a waste of time, Since Bollywood is a monopoly since Tseries and they have their handful of artist and they don’t want anyone new. It’s time to go live and form a band if you are planning to make money from music. Stay strong, stay focused, keep doing your work, initially it will be slow but it will eventually pick up. Don’t hesitate to promote yourself or show off, You have to show off cause you are in the show business. That’s your job.

Darrel Mascarenhas have recently announced a series of Tracks #DarrelsMusicFriday on His Facebook Profile.

Hi Guys, Throughout these years you have supported & encouraged my music. I’m ever so humbled by everyone’s response to…

Posted by Darrel Mascarenhas on Saturday, February 27, 2016

You can follow the communication via hashtag #DarrelsMusicFriday on Facebook.
Listen to the tracks of this series via Hashtag #DarrelsMusicFriday on FireMud FM.
In #Week01 of #DarrelsMusicFriday, he has released a Jazz Version of Ajeeb Dastan & Molbailo Dou (Classic Konkani Track) Featuring Lavita Lobo in collaboration with Sax Player .

Check Out this track on FireMud FM from Here.

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