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Well everyone loves and cherishes their childhood do I! I miss my childhood (couldn’t have ever imagined that i would say this) obviously when you are a toddler you always feel like growing up, going to college, wearing stylish and hot clothes, shaving your beard/ keeping a beard, getting yourself a girlfriend/ boyfriend, kissing someone, getting money in your hands, splurging on shopping, etc goes in the dreamland  And when you actually grow up you feel like bunking the college (staying at home instead and sleeping), get bored of shaving, get pissed over your girlfriend/ boyfriend fighting with your petty things, get hurt after the breakup and cry, try to save as much money as you can because you are on cost cutting, etc kaboom dream crushed.. reality check🙁  Such is our condition..I guess 90% of you can relate to this and agree with me..

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Childhood days are the best and can never come back once they are gone..only what left is the memories and the pictures..talking about the pictures, I got a call from my childhood friend yesterday..we were just talking when he told me that in the later part of the evening he stumbled upon some pictures of me when I was just 1 year old small baby..those photos were of his 1st birthday bash which I had attended with my dad..I immediately asked him to whatsapp me those photos, and he did as I said.. here are my pictures 😉

me and my dad :)
me and my dad 🙂


me (in right hand side)

It was amazing to see those pictures..I was so freaking overwhelmed with joy that I couldn’t resist myself from writing my next blog about CHILDHOOD.. I remember a few instances of my childhood days..I would like to share my memories with you on to know more 😉

I remember one such incident when i was in my pre-primary school..I just went in the kitchen where my grandma and mamma were working..i opened the fridge and took out an egg and put it on a plate and kept the egg on it and sat on it and it broke out cutcutcut lol I had thought that if i sit on the egg then I can hatch it and a little chick will come out of it :p

haha and now when I think about that incident this is my reaction–>> falls off the chair laughing and if that wasn’t enough I went and took out one more egg and tried to hatch it..but to no success (obviously 😛 ) and this time my mamma and grandma noticed it and they started to laugh on me..and there I had no clue as to why were they laughing 😛

I have been a mastikhor kid throughout my childhood..I was always on the verge of playing pranks on people..troubling them..all in all I used to love to have fun all the cousin brother used to be so scared of me.. lol whenever I used to go to my maternal grandma’s place wid my mamma and sister he never used to turn up there..he was a total nerd..even now things haven’t changed..he thinks, eats, sleeps, talks about studies only facepalm and also the neighbours who used to stay there used to call me as GANGSTER giggling 😛 (I never knew about this GANGSTER wala thing before..but now when I was gathering information about my antics during my toddler days from my mamma, she told me this..and I just couldn’t stop laughing..) I mean DAMN! was I this mastikhor? bhauahha 😛

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Once I was traveling by Mumbai’s local train with my mamma and at that time I was sitting near the window where this lady sitting besides me happened to notice me and my mamma having a conversation where my mamma was telling me to not touch the window and keep my hand on it, otherwise my hands would get dirty as there was dirt all over the window..and this lady told me that “Beta, don’t keep your hand near the are so pretty and fair..if you touch the window then your hands will get dirty and are so don’t get your hands dirty” to which I replied her “I am smart as well!” And my mamma was so proud of me that time (even this incident she told me yesterday night when I was asking her about my antics) and after knowing this incident I was like – collar tight   P.S.– i wasn’t just mastikhor kiddo..but a smart a*s as well..hehe 😉

There are many more things..and many more jitna likhu utna kam hi hoga..but kya kare I can’t write much..because likhne lagi toh space kam padd jayegi 😛 hehe gives an innocent look 

Aaj ke liye bass itna hi..stay tuned for more..well guys you can share in your most special childhood memories with me here in the COMMENTS section below  big happy grin Before leaving..just wanted to tell you all that LOVE THY CHILDHOOD and always keep your memories with you..cherish them..but don’t forget to live your present as well with a positive attitude..and cherish every moment of your life..because kya pata KAL HO NA HO! (wahh! kya dialogue maara hai! hehe pats my own back ) This is me RJ VEDZ signing off for the day..ciao people 😉 take care..will see you guys soon winks

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  1. I just love the efforts you put while writing Rj Vedz..i love how you blog…have read all your blogs and this one will be my fav..I remembered my good old days too..Thank you for taking me to the memory lane..keep writing..keep writing..Let there be just your blogs…:)

  2. Rj vedz after reading ur blog I feel like i experienced flashback of my childhood..even I was the 1 like at times wen I see small children’s In school uniform, I get pause for a moment and dream about my schooldays.mastikhor to hum bhi the, par app humare guru hoo.. Thanks to you for jus rewinding the best days,the childhood days. 😉


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