Show Down in Amsterdam.! 12th April, 2014

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Well, Our Friends At Ripping Family Bookings and Promotions, Italy is coming up with an awesome gig, where superlatively talented bands like Chainsaw Disaster, A Devastating Truth and Memento Mori will share the same stage at Winston Kingdom, Amsterdam. 

Presented By: Ripping Family Bookings And Promotions
Show is promoted and produced by:  
Crawl Back Bookings

Location: Winston Kingdom, Amsterdam, NL
Date and Time: 12th April 2014 , 21:00 on wards

Official Event Page:

1) Chainsaw Disaster:

A 5 piece Extreme Metal Band with Brazilian Roots, Conceived in 2007, established in The Netherlands Now. The Name of the band is influenced from horror classic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Chainsaw Disaster is playing with their new line up in Netherlands First time in this event.

Catch Chainsaw Disaster at:
1) Facebook:
2) Youtube:

Check Out their track: 

2) A Devastating Truth:

Five piece Death Core Act from the Rotterdam, The Netherlands whose first E.P. Visionaries will be out soon.

Catch A Devastating Truth At: 
1) Facebook:
2) Youtube:

Checkout their Track:


3) Memento Mori:

4 Piece Progressive Death core Act From Amsterdam, unlike you’ve ever heard. Their Debut EP Consequence is already released.

Catch Memento Mori at:
1) Facebook:
2) Youtube:
3) Reverbnation:

Checkout their Track:


Ripping Family Bookings And Promotions:

It is an artists Booking agency from Italy, which promotes and book artists all over the Europe and manage and organize their events and tours. They work with The Juliet Massacre (ITA). They also have worked with some Big Names Such as Rise Of The Northstar (FRA),Face Your Enemy (ITA),Lazare (FRA), Liferuiner (GTA), Buried In Verona (AU) , Here Comes the Kraken (MX), Give Em Blood (AT), Embrace Destruction (NL/ITA)

Catch Ripping Family Bookings And Promotions at:
1) Facebook:
2) Twitter:
3) Youtube:
Contact Details:  
General Manager l Michele Amura
Email: rippingfamily[at]

Official Partners Of The Event

1) India – FireMud Radio – FM Radio  (Official Radio Partner)
2) Czech Republic – 

3) Portugal – SoundZone Webzine
4) Belgium – More Than Music-Be
5) France – Metal Sickness
6) Spain – Feel The Noise, Hear The Core 
7) Germany – Million Thoughts 
8) Argentina – Everything Went Zine
9) Poland – Post – HC
10) Netherlands – Smashpress
11) France – Total Metal Show (Radio Déclic 87.7|101.1|89.6) 
12) Norway – Skullfukker Webzine

Article Written and Edited By: Vineet Talwar
Image Courtesy: Ripping Family Bookings and Promotions and Official Band Pages
Story Cover By: FireMud FM – The Online Radio Station

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Written by Vineet Talwar

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