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Jeepers Creepers – Oh Caesar (Live from Mathematic Sessions)

Jeepers Creepers - Oh Caesar

Title: Oh Caesar!Jeepers Creepers - Oh Caesar
Artist: Jeepers Creepers
Description: Oh Caesar! When History crashed into Mathematics on an urban war zone!!!!
PS: This is a tribute to the 30th anniversary of We Are the World (album) . Lets live in peace, adulation and benevolence for the human race.
This is a live version of their tune ”Oh Caesar!” from their forthcoming Ep called ”In a constant state of crisis”

Special thanks to: Margub Ali, Nilanjan Ghosh, Tushar Banerjee

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About Jeepers Creepers:  Jeepers Creepers is a Math Rock/Post Rock/Dance/Indie band that is about to release their second EP “In a Constant State of Crisis” under MetalPostacrds in 2015.

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