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Blinding Sunrise is a Metalcore band from Vittoria (Ragusa, Italy). The band, which was on its beginning just a way to fill up some boring moments, was formed by Francesca Ereddia (Vocals), Mattia Giuffrida (Vocals), Matteo Lorefice (Guitar), Onofrio Butera (Bass), Giuseppe Sanzone (Guitar) and Valerio Macca (Drums). Luckily, Our Co-Founder, Vineet Talwar has got a chance to interview them and know about their music bs2and future plans. 

Vineet: Tell us about your band Blinding Sunrise ?
Blinding sunrise: We’re a female fronted metalcore band, and we were formed in 2011. We started with playing song covers but then we decided that doing music on our own. Our very own music, was what we wanted to do. So we started writing and composing and here we are!

Vineet: Tell us a little about your teenage days? Where did you grow up and who were your influences while you were growing up? Where did you go to school at?
Blinding sunrise: We all grew up in Vittoria, a small city in Sicily, except Luca our guitarist who lives in another town half an hour away. We all attended our hometown’s schools, some of us were even classmates. Growing up we had tons of different influences. Some of us, like Matteo or Francesca grew up with punk rock groups like Blink 182 or Good Charlotte, some others like Ono listened to Bullet for My Valentine. We’ve all had quite various influences I guess.

Vineet: When did you think of taking up music seriously? Who were your major influences back in those days?
Blinding sunrise: We started taking it more seriously back in 2012, when we started writing our own music…our main influence since we’re together has been Eyes Set to Kill. That’s where all the idea of the screaming/clean parts with a female vocalist comes from

Vineet: How did Blinding Sunrise find each other? Tell us, how is your band formed?
Blinding sunrise: As said before, some of us were classmates, or friends, some others like Matteo and Francesca were and are in a relationship, so it’s been quite easy to find each other. Let’s say that we didn’t really “find” each other, it’s just music who united a group of people who were interested in the same thing. We haven’t had to look for band members. We just texted some of the guys (like Luca, for example) and said: “hey, we were thinking of making a band, are you in?” and they accepted. That’s basically how we formed hehe.

Vineet: Whichbs3 of the authors/poets/musicians that have influenced your band collectively this far?
ng sunrise: Well, we’re now trying to find our way and to remain as unique as possible. We don’t like to imitate someone or make of them our single source of inspiration. As we said, Eyes Set to Kill may have been our main inspiration, but we guess that inspiration is not the right word. Of course there are a lot of bands we look up to a lot, a lot of artists that we really estimate and that we really love, but inspiration comes from the inside. A famous Italian singer from ,’70s said “a million roses will have no scent, if they’re not your own blossomed flowers”. And that’s what we think. If inspiration is inside of you and not outside, it’s a lot better

What were some of the best moments of the band that you remember? Which has been your favorite gig that you have played so far?
Blinding sunrise: We really had a blast with our friend from Breathe the supernova in 2014! Those were our best and funniest gigs!

Vineet: Who was your strength pillar in your hard times? Which Track of yours is close to your heart and why?
Blinding sunrise: In hard time each one of us found his/her strength pillar in the other. We’re like brothers and sister, we’re like a family. And family means helping each other through rough times, for us. We guess that everyone of us would be lost without the other, and that’s the most beautiful thing that can happen in a band: we’re family, before being a group of people just playing together. For the tracks well… it’s like asking someone which one of their kids they prefer hehehe. That’s a tough question, so let’s say we love all our song in the same way

Vineet: Where will we find your band burning up the stage in 2016? Gig plans?
Blinding sunrise: At the moment there are no gigs planned. We guess there will be in 2017. news coming soon What does the future hold for your fans? We’re working on a new album and big news coming soon but… shhh… it’s a secret. Time will tell! Follow us on facebook to keep yourself updated about our latest albums and gig plans.

You can Follow Blinding Sunrise on Facebook from here.

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