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“With a sound that brings a fresh touch to traditional metalcore the band ties in the early metal and hard rock influences with the new ones as well without becoming just another washed out copy”, Yes I am talking about none other than Stockholm, Sweden based Metalcore act Behind The Lights. They are currently associated with Ripping Family Booking and Promotions. Luckily we have got a chance to exchange some words with the band. Following is the excerpt of the chat.

Vineet: What about your teenage days? Where did you grow up and who were your influences while you were growing up? Where did you go to school at?Behind The Lights
Behind the Lights: Johannes, Erik and Sebastian grew up in Stockholm. Jonas grew up Norrtälje and our new bass player Anton grew up in Värmland. Our influences during our days in school was Killsswitch Engage, Metallica, Kiss, Bullet For My Valentine and Sum41.

Vineet: When did you think of taking up music seriously? Who were your major influences back in those days?
Behind the Lights: We all have grown up with music as our main interest.

Vineet: How did you find each other? Tell us, how is your band formed?
Behind the Lights:  Behind TBehind The Lightshe Lights is in 2012 by the lead singer Johannes Eghammar with his younger brother Erik (rhythm guitarist). Soon after the start they released two demo songs (My Reflection and 911) with purpose of finding more members. Luckily enough the drummer was only a phone call away since Johannes and Sebastian knew each other. During the fall they searched for a rhythm guitarist, Johan came to audition and pretty soon became a member of the family. What started out as an at-home project quickly escalated into what it is today, a hard-working and ambitious band.

Who are some of the authors/poets/musicians that have influenced your band collectively thus far?Behind The Lights
Behind the Lights:  Matt Tuck (Bullet for My Valentine), Austin Carlile (Of Mice & Men), Greg Graffin (Bad Religion), Sinister Gates (Avenged Sevenfold), Dave Grohl  (Foo Fighters), Gene Simmons  (Kiss).

Vineet: What were some of the best moments of the band that you remember? Which have been your favourite gig that you have played so far?
Behind the Lights:  The Croatia Tour we did February 2014

Vineet: Who was youBehind The Lightsr strength pillar in your hard times? Which Track of yours is close to your heart and why?
Behind the Lights:
Sebastian: Otherside
Jonas: Skyline
Erik: Otherside
Anton: The World Unknown
Johannes: The Prison

Where will we find your band burning up the stage in 2016? Gig plans?
Behind the Lights: In Sweden on the bands first Sweden tour in April and in Europe in September

Vineet: What does the future hold for your fans?
Behind the Lights: We don´t really know what to answer here cause for us it´s quite obvious, we aim as high as we can but it´s hard to hit the bullseye. But the most important thing for us is having fun and doing what we love. Getting fans and supporters along the way is the biggest bonus we can get and we are overwhelmed with each one of them.

Current Lineup: Behind The Lights
Johannes Eghammar – Lead Vocals
Jonas Olsson – Lead Guitar, Backup Vocals
Erik Eghammar – Rhythm Guitar, Backup Vocals
Sebastian Bergquist – Drums, Backup Vocals
Anton Damperud – Bass, Backup Vocals
Manager: Ripping Family Booking & Promotion 
Genre: Metalcore, Hardcore, Metal
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